Neoverbaphobia: Fear of new words

June 9, 2015

Coined my own new word: Neoverbaphobia (Neo + verba + phobia): Fear of new words

Learned that Webster’s had allowed a “fake” word to slip in: Dord. (How can a word be fake if it’s used to represent itself?)

A plethora of discussion has ensued over it–everything from “keep it” to “I prefer (nose in the air) Oxford’s for this very reason” (meaning Oxford’s would never allow the admission of having admitted a fake word).

Could not find a word for “fear of new words.” Found “sesquipedalophobia”–a fear of long words–but nothing about those who fear new words. I know people who do fear new words–fear not understanding them or the context of the conversation and fear of saying them incorrectly. Perhaps someone was afraid to coin a new word to represent this fear. After all, it’s only evident to those suffering from it (or those forced to suffer with them).




What the Confederate Flag Does NOT Represent: Me.

June 25, 2015

Some folks are getting their drawers in a bunch over the take-down of the Confederate flag–like someone is going to stop individuals from privately displaying the flag. Not so. What one does on/with one’s own property is one’s own business (unless setting brush fires in a dry season–then, it’s all our business).

Hang the flag from a pole and on every friggin window; drape it over all the beds, and the sofa, too; put it in the window of every vehicle; paint the house to match; don a white sheet and cone-shaped headcovering to hide behind while painting and decorating with it.

But it will NOT represent me or hundreds of thousands like me. When it’s flying over a state or federal building, it stands as a symbol to all it represents, and it represents far more people than just those who choose to align themselves with its racist heritage. That alignment should be a personal choice not forced on all who live in a district.

No one is trying to ban the flag from someone’s house/vehicle/flagpole/shirt/dog collar. Personal property remains just that. Personal.

But that flag is also personal–on a hateful, divisive, bigoted level. I cannot force folks to take it down from their personal property (nor would I want to), but I do not wish to be represented by it.